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"Nursery donates trees to downtown Boyertown"
By Lynn A. Gladieux - for Journal Register News Service

BOYERTOWN - Harmony Hill Nursery of Downingtown has generously donated four trees to Building a Better Boyertown’s main street revitalization program, currently underway in downtown Boyertown.

The four trees, all European Hornbeams, are known to grow slim and columnar and are considered “urban tolerant.” Harmony Hill has previously placed these same trees in Philadelphia and State College.

Christopher Uhland, PHC, manager at Harmony Hill, says his donation of the trees comes from his love of small towns.

“I grew up in a small town in central PA and I know from seeing what they did and seeing what Boyertown is doing that I wanted to play a part and be involved. The trees are my contribution to make Boyertown a better place for people to want to live,” he said.

In addition, Harmony Hill has also donated a red maple tree to be given away at Earthfest, the annual Earth Day and Arbor Day celebration being held at Boyertown Park on April 28. Uhland said this is the fifth year he has donated a tree to the event.

Images of the Boyertown tree donation project

Checking tree size in field to prepare for transport to Boyertown street.

Planting trees in Boyertown streets.

Planting trees in Boyertown streets.

Planting trees in Boyertown streets.


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