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From Acer to Zelkova

Harmony Hill Nursery is run by a team of passionate horticulturists growing strong drought and disease tolerant trees in an exceptional soil medium of clay rock and loam for a premium package. We are devoted to delivering the highest quality finished plant material at a reasonable price and on a timely manner.

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For function or decoration - We offer it all

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Tree Nursery

We grow Specimen shade, flowering, and ornamental trees to 4 inch caliper or large evergreens to thirty feet.

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We also sell plants grown in containers that are light, easy to transport, and ready to plant in their new home!

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We also sell "Live Stakes" of Red & Yellow Twig Dogwood, Curly Willow, Fan Tail Willow, Pussy Willow, and Weeping Willow.

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Ready To Get Started?

We truly enjoy what we do for a living. It shows in our demeanor and in the quality of our trees. It’s what sets us apart from the others. So give us a call and we’ll be more than ready to provide you with the perfect plant material for your garden or project!